Tuesday, January 28, 2014

So many tech tips, so little time...SMARTboard Activity Builder

So many Tech Tips, so little time…

Once again, I previously posted a blog with SmartBoard resources.  It can get very overwhelming looking for your own info just to create a SmartBoard lesson.  So overwhelming in fact that I avoid the lesson/activity builder because building lessons is so time consuming.  With this said, it’s very beneficial sometimes to create your own lesson tailored to the specifics to your course.  Although some of the SmartBoards are different from room to room the current software, SMART Notebook remains the same.  

I found it very helpful to learn more about the activity builder in SMART Notebook. Hopefully these links will help with the use of creating your own lessons.

SMART Notebook: Activity Builder/Toolkit

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

So many Tech Tips, so little time...Creating Outlook Contact Groups

I find we can get swamped with the Tech Tips.  We get emails, newsletters, and suggestions and they all lead us to more links, templates, courses, and videos.  Well not to disappoint you this Tech Tip will do the same.  I’m going to lead you to a couple places to get guidance on a specific topic though, not a general topic. 

I found it very helpful to create groups in Outlook to manage my email contacts, one contact may be a part of several groups but hopefully by grouping people the correct information gets to everyone concerned.

Outlook Groups
The Microsoft Office website gives wonderful step-by-step guidance for many activities you want to complete within the Microsoft Suite, this link takes you to step-by-step guidance for creating and managing groups.

Step-by-step guidance isn’t your thing…you need to see it?  Watch this video.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Taking Time Out For You

Did you know that you can track your Daily Feats on some phones? Yep, there's an app for that. Search for the Daily Feats app on your device to see what's available and start tracking. Don't have a smartphone or tablet? Don't worry neither did I until 3 weeks ago. Add a Bookmark to the site on your web browser. If you bookmark it to the bar in Chrome you will have access to it at home and at school.

Daily Feats earns you points toward a gift card and gives encouragement toward a healthy lifestyle but didn't quite log all the habits I wanted to track.  Try logging fitness and nutrition goals with My Fitness Pal.  You can share success and get support from friends, log your calories, set goals, and monitor exercise activities all in one place. You can use My Fitness Pal online or there's an app for that too!

Have fun taking care of you!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Teacher Resolution: Start A Blog

For the first tech tip of the new year I suggest you start a blog. If you are reading this you can start a blog right now by selecting the B icon for Blogger or you can start a blog on another site. I like blogger because it is connected to my Google account with no new login. I can share the blog links via email or share to popular social media like Twitter and Facebook. What should your blog be about?

Your blog could be for parents. It could be an online newsletter that parents can read, or meant for other teachers regarding what you are doing in your classroom.  What works, what didn't quite work like you planned. You can blog monthly, weekly, or even daily. Best part, it's easier to maintain than a webpage. Your blog will be dated by the date you posted. You can make drafts that only you can see and publish when/if you are ready. I like how for my readers my blogs are sorted by month and year (see blog archive) and I can add pictures and links to other sites. 

Today's blog was even done on my new mini iPad through the Blogger app. I've never been successful (yet) updating my webpage with a tablet. A blog isn't quite as advanced as a personal webpage but still allows for creativity, personality, and record keeping. 

Happy 2014!